We’re In Business

“We’re In Business” a new short show seen on Charter Cable 210 and 226 as well as worldwide on ACCtv.org.

Your business benefits from a personal introduction. Customers or clients feel more at ease once they know who you are. A short video introducing yourself and your business is an asset to any business and now it is quite affordable.

The ACCtv staff at the Brewery Arts Center has an easy way to produce these videos with you.

Here is how it works:

  • We come to your establishment to take two pictures, one of the background you’d like used, one of your establishment as seen from the street or parking lot.
  • Then, by appointment, you come to us at 511 West King St, the Media Center, and we shoot a short, up to 15 minute segment of you telling who you are, what your business is, where your business is, why you started and how new customers or clients can contact you. We’ll send some suggestions of what to cover before you make your appointment so you can write out what you’d like to say.

And don’t worry, we can start and stop as needed, we know how to edit. And because we shoot this in our studio we can control the lighting and audio, making for a very professional looking video piece that will air during regular broadcast hours on tv in rotation with other “We’re In Business” videos as well as Video on Demand on the ACCtv.org site.

The cost for the above is only $150

You can also have us convert for the web, place on “You Tube” and share the code for your own website.

Add $50

Contact Darla Bayer at 775.830.7939 or dbayer@bactv.org

Similar in simplicity to “It’s Your City”, see some examples here.

A “Getting to Know You” video is a proven marketing tool.

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