Short Film Competition-August 2013

use thisWired_Wednesday Logo_plainWired Wednesday, ACCtv, BAC and the Digital Arts Factory present a film competition.

A friendly competition encouraging film making, communication and community.

It’s FREE! So let’s have fun!

“City Wide Short Film Competition”

The dates will be August 9 to August 16, 2013.

Here is the poster to share!

Here’s how it works:

1. Get a team together and registered by 5 pm on Wednesday, August 7.

2. On Friday August 9 at noon we will give you your assignment.

3.  Start filming! Write, film, edit.

4. You have from noon Friday August 9 to noon Friday August 16 to get your film completed, burned to DVD and submitted.

5. Come to the showing and awards in the Performance Hall, Saturday August 17.


Additional info:
1. Email Darla that you have a team interested in competing. Registration deadline is Wed Aug 7 5pm. She will send you an informative email, confirming we have your correct email address to send info to.

Your team may be ANY size. 1 or more. You will be placed in either of two categories by 75% of your team. Under 16 and over 16. Sorry, you may not participate if you are an active member of Wired Wednesday. You DO NOT need to live within Carson City, NV limits. The more the merrier. Remote digital submissions will be accepted, but please ask Darla (775-830-7939) for further instructions. Teams will be accepted from within a 50 mile area around Carson City, NV.

There are no fees to participate or enter in this competition, just give us contact info of your team leader and your team name.

2. On the first day, at noon on Friday August 9, you may be at the Media Center in person or just watching your email. There will be two attachments. Your assignment will be in the body of the email or envelope and have three genres listed, you may choose ONE to make your film.

You have one full week to make and submit your film using the “ingredients” we assign you, also 3 items. These “ingredients” could be a prop you must use or a line of dialogue, we will assign the same “ingredients” to everyone and these will not be known until noon August 9.

The “ingredients” need not be a major part of your film. Say one is a line of dialogue, it does not necessarily have to be used in speech, it could be the headline on a newspaper, or heard over the background radio, just so long as our judges can pick out the three ingredients some where in the film. Kind of a “Where’s Waldo” sort of thing.

Your team will get three genres to choose from, randomly selected by our coordinators. The genres that will be available are:

Mocumentary (False or Faux Documentary)
Sci Fi (NOT Horror)

We will NOT accept any Horror films, all of the above genres must not contain any gratuitous violence, nudity or foul language. Let’s keep it family oriented.

3. Your film can be as little as one minute and up to 10 minutes. Immediately after assignments on Aug 9, you will want to start writing your script, planning your shoot schedule, gathering your actors, equipment and props. All writing, filming and editing should be done within the time period of noon Friday August 9 to noon* Friday August 16. Gathering of equipment and scouting locations can be done prior to the time as well as creating your team.

4. You have from noon Friday August 9 to noon* Friday August 16 to get your film completed, burned to DVD and submitted to us at the Media Center (basement of 511 W. King St., the Performance Hall at the Brewery Arts Center).
A showing will be made of all submitted films**. There are a couple forms that we need, basically release forms for showing your film on TV and internet. Please fill out the forms fully and accurately. They are located here soon. They must be submitted with the DVD.

*If you are having troubles with the render and/or burn you may contact us, explain your circumstances and we have the capability of granting a grace period depending on the number of films needing that grace.

**We WILL accept incomplete films as well, a separate judging category will be set up for this. Basically no prizes for this but we don’t want to waste what you DID get done. Everyone should be able to see what was being worked on.

5. Judging will be done at the showing and the audience gets to vote as well, so the more friends you bring the more chance of the audience award!

Judging may be on the following:

Use of Ingredients

6. Awards will be made at the showing. Some of the winners will be receiving…… things yet to be determined (tee hee, got ya there, we’ll list prizes soon).

Awards may be in these categories:

Overall Best
Best Use of Ingredients
Best Acting
Best Story
Best Effects
Audience Favorite

Keep watching this page for more info on the “City Wide Short Film Competition”.

This short film competition is based on, but not exactly like the “48 Hour Film Project”and the “No Film Film Festival”, which is a week long like ours. View our submission to last years festival here.

Our “ingredients” are NOT the same as the 48 Hour Project and we are not affiliated with the 48 Hour Project, yet. Our rules, however, are similar, if you are curious about how these competitions work, how other teams do it, google them or check out the site listed above.

Got specific questions not answered here? Ask Darla (775-830-7939).