Classes Coming Again or Private Lessons

The following classes are not offered yet this session. If you are interested in any of the classes listed below please call Darla @ 775-830-7939 to get on the wait list or talk about alternate classes. Private classes available.

Class times and days fluctuate due to interested students, we will try to adjust to fit your schedules.

Using the ACCtv Studio (ages 12 – adult)

Using the ACCtv Studio -This comprehensive class includes camera and tripod training, storyboarding, audio set up, lighting, shooting indoors and out, editing and DVD authoring. A small piece for television will be created by the participants. This class certifies you to check out public access equipment for use in creating public access television material.

Tuition:$200 ($190 for members)
Flex class, times and dates to be determined by student schedules.
Instructors: Darla Bayer and Keith Barnett

Camera Use

Learn the techniques needed to set you on your way using our digital video cameras, tripods and mics. Cameras are Sony 210 or Sony FX1.

Tuition: $75 for 1.5 hour training. Please call Darla to set up an appointment-775-830-7939

Once trained you may rent the cameras or check them out for free if you are an ACCtv Digital Arts Factory Member ($30, $60 or $75) and producing for ACCtv.

Video Editing on Final Cut Pro
5 sessions designed to fit your level of editing skills. A new skill each class in addition to what YOU want to learn. Final Cut Pro is similar to Adobe Premiere and many other applications. Instructor, Darla Bayer. BAC Media Center.

Tuition: $90 Members, $100 Non Members (min 3 students)

Tuition: $200 Private lessons
Tuesday 5:00 pm-7:00 pm or by appointment
Instructor: Darla Bayer, ACCtv Media Center

3D with Blender (ages 10 – adult)

3D with Blender-Using online tutorials, Luke will help you to understand and utilize “Blender” to create fantastic 3D animations. Software available FREE online for both PC or MAC,

Tuition: $75 ($65 for members)
Please call for future dates-Darla 830-7939
Mondays (5 weeks)
Instructor: Luke Holden

2D Claymation for Adults (ages 16 – adult)
2D Claymation for Adults -This 6 hour course takes you through the storyboard process, clay character creation, stop motion shooting, loading into the computer, editing and the addition of music and titles. We’ll stop for an hour to have lunch at a local cafe.

Tuition: $60 ($50 for Members)
Saturday 10am-5pm (one hour break for lunch)
Pre-requisite for 3D Claymation
Instructor: Darla Bayer

Build Your Own Web Site-the easy way (Ages 16-Adult)
Make a website using WordPress for business or personal use. You can tell the world what you think, show things you make or just brag about the grand kids with words, images and video. Learn how to research and purchase a domain, get it hosted, and put up your own website with WordPress software. You can find a great theme that says you… and customize it with the over 10,000 available plugins and widgets.
NOTE: Website domain and hosting (required) are not included in tuition costs and do need to be purchased and set up before the second class. The instructor will help you with the set ups if needed.

Wednesdays, 5:15 to 6:45 – 5 weeks
Instructor: Chrissi Barnett
Tuition: $150 ($140) for BAC/NNFF members)

Fun stuff!

Click here to go to the Special Filmmaking Series of classes.

All classes are listed below in order of start date.


Filmmaking Series
A series of classes for those students looking for a good summer activity.

The Filmmaking Classes below are designed so that students can pick and choose the subjects they are most interested in: screen writing, directing, camera operating, acting and technical. All these aspects of filmmaking will be combined into a week long scheduled shoot as per actors and locations needed. Editing class will use the scripts created and footage shot during the previous week.




Filmmaking Class Five- Learn to Direct! (Ages 10-16)

Make a short film It’s not enough to just hand your actors the script. They need to be told where to stand, what reactions they should give and the way they should speak a line. If you are going to direct you must take this class. You must take “Lights! Camera! Action! Class and be available to direct during the week of July 28-Aug 4 Saturday to Saturday


Tuition: $40 ($30 for BAC/NNFF members)

Wed & Fri 11-1, July 25 & 27

Instructor: Darla Bayer, Location: Media Center


Filmmaking Class Six- Casting Call! (Ages 10-16)

Make a short film, So you want to be in a film? We have the scripts and the directors all lined up. Time to cast the film! You must take “Lights! Camera! Action! Class and be available to act during the week of July 28-Aug 4 Saturday to Saturday


Tuition: $20

Fri 11-1, July 27

Instructor: Danita Bayer, Location: Media Center




Filmmaking Class Seven- Lights! Cameras! Action! (Ages 10-16)

Make a short film, this is it! We have the scripts, the actors, directors and cameramen have been trained, costumes and props are ready!


Tuition: $100 ($90 for BAC/NNFF members)

Sat through Sat 10-3 (once cast a schedule will be worked up, each student will be utilized a minimum of 9 hours, but most will not be needed the entire time), July 28-Aug 4

Instructor: Darla Bayer and crew, Location: Media Center



Filmmaking Class Eight- Editing and Post Production (Ages 10-16)

Make a short film, We’ve got the footage. Now learn how to complete the picture. Editing skills will be taught as you go on Final Cut Pro!


Tuition: $120 ($100 for BAC/NNFF members)

Tuesday and Thursdays 11-1 or by appointment, Aug 7-16

Instructor: Darla Bayer, Location: Media Center



Filmmaking Not A Class-The Red Carpet (Ages 10-16)

We’ve MADE a short film! Or two or three! Now we roll out the red carpet and celebrate!


Tuition: FREE to all!, invite friends, family, neighbors, your doctor!

Friday 7 pm, Aug 17

Instructor: Darla Bayer & Crew