Trevor’s Secret Picture Search in NYC

How To Play:

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These two pictures are of the Anchor in Times Square.

What’s an Anchor? It’s the place you begin your search in Times Square. Be sure to face the anchor as you begin each search.

The Times Square anchor is at the Northwest corner of the pedestrian area of Times Square, near the corner of 47th and 7th. It looks like this, a Do Not Enter sign with gold reflectors.

Search #1 is the simplest search so you can get the hang of it. Also it is the only one that is at adult height, but kids will learn as parents help the kids on the first search.

Search #1 Clues: Start by facing the anchor. Turn and go due East, watching for traffic and crowds, 153 paces. You WILL have to cross streets but all clues will keep you on sidewalks. Follow all traffic rules such as the sign that tells you it is safe to cross at the signal.

You will be looking for the Secret Picture # 1, however, the picture is missing one element.

To confirm you found the correct Secret Picture, you will need to write down or draw in on your printed page (that would be the pdf located here) and email us for the answer.

Click here for Search #2, a little bit harder.